Need help with virtual events for game developers?

Need help with marketing content for developers?

Need help with marketing strategy for developers?

Need help with developer community?


We worked with:

Live Meetups, YouTube videos, Podcasts

Custom Live Meetups and YouTube videos for devs

IRL Video Interviews

Developer Marketing Videos, Social Ads


We produce content for developers

We produce live events for developers - interviews, workshops, discussion panels - then we ship the best parts of our live events as 10-15 minute YouTube videos, podcast episodes, blogposts, vertical shorts for social media.

There's more to it. We understand your needs and don't need your time to manage us. We're not an agency.

Interested? Scroll on =)

Creators Advocate, Unity Technologies

Developer Advocate

Director, Developer Marketing at Oracle

Creators Advocate, Unity Technologies

A short from a live video meetup

A scientist, a programmer, a speaker

Richard Muir

Richard Muir, Data Journalist, SlashData

Founder of DevGAMM

F.K Webinars podcast

A demo of a new podcast series

Discord is where our community is.

You're welcome to join!

We are invite-only until we're out of closed beta.

But... may fit well to our closed beta if you need help with customer discovery, customer development and/or brand recognition in game developers community.

We are 3 lovely human beings (see the drawing) who are full-time. We have a network of trusted partners so we're able to scale up and down as needed.


  • ex head of sales at Appodeal/Stack, 7+ years in gamedev/bizdev
  • grew from developer relations to head of sales in record time

Olle (Oleg)

  • ex Unity, ex King, 11+ years in gamedev/devrel
  • was part of Unity since it was a small startup


Closed beta

Shall we invite you to our closed beta?

We're opening up slowly and may let you peek in, if your business is a good fit and there's some synergy.