Weekly Socials

Avocado Calls

Community Hangouts

For some reason Olle keeps changing names to what essentially is a 60-minute call on Fridays where folks from our devrel and developer marketing community talk about whatever is on top of their heads at the moment.

Why you may care:

  1. Potentially fun.
  2. Not public. No recordings. Good people.
  3. Like a Zoom call but doesn't get you anxious.

This video is suddenly relevant...

  1. We're discussing how Zoom calls are meh and our Fridays socials are so next gen
  2. TL;DR: meetings are often boring because of the culture, see how we fixed it
  3. Here are the buttons to join our community and put the calendar reminder so you don't have to scroll two

We are 3 lovely human beings (see the drawing) who are full-time. We have a network of trusted partners so we're able to scale up and down as needed.


  • ex head of sales at Appodeal/Stack, 7+ years in gamedev/bizdev
  • grew from developer relations to head of sales in record time
  • linkedin.com/in/karinashakh/

Olle (Oleg)

  • ex Unity, ex King, 11+ years in gamedev/devrel
  • was part of Unity since it was a small startup
  • linkedin.com/in/pridiuk


Wanna see what we're up to?

We're opening up slowly and may let you peek in, if your business is a good fit and there's some synergy.