We were to run live shows but got distracted by a revolution...

This could work as a book title, right? Google "Belarus" to find out more.

At the moment:

  1. Community Hangouts happen on our Discord - you can join too
  2. We're experimenting with non-live formats like the 3 points of view video above
  3. We're looking for partners and sponsors for the live shows

We are invite-only until we're out of closed beta.


...you may fit well to our closed beta if you need help with customer discovery, customer development and/or brand recognition in game developers community.

We are 3 lovely human beings (see the drawing) who are full-time. We have a network of trusted partners so we're able to scale up and down as needed.


  • ex head of sales at Appodeal/Stack, 7+ years in gamedev/bizdev
  • grew from developer relations to head of sales in record time
  • linkedin.com/in/karinashakh/

Olle (Oleg)

  • ex Unity, ex King, 11+ years in gamedev/devrel
  • was part of Unity since it was a small startup
  • linkedin.com/in/pridiuk


Wanna see what we're up to?

We're opening up slowly and may let you peek in, if your business is a good fit and there's some synergy.