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We’ll be live here at 17:45 CEST on July 22.

July 22 event program (time is CEST):

17:45 - “doors open” - We’ll start the live-stream and warm up

18:00 - Viktor Gamov, Developer Advocate at Confluent

18:20 - Mia Moore, Developer advocate for hire!

18:40 - Shodipo Ayomide, Senior Developer Advocate at Fleek HQ

19:00 - The panel discussion.

  • You’re welcome to join the speakers and other attendees in a voice chat - spaces are limited. Register soon!

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SlashData supports this event and makes us happy. We love their developer ecosystem reports such as and think 1 Million Developer Club is an inspiring benchmark.

Vilnius Tech Park

We thank Vilnius Tech Park for marketing support. VTP is the biggest ICT startup hub in the Baltics and Nordics with a noble goal – to shape the region’s startup ecosystem and grow together internationally.


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Devrel Events Online Season 1:

Most of these talks are already available at

July 22

  • Viktor Gamov, Developer Advocate at Confluent - I’m not a YouTuber; come and learn how you can be one, or die trying
  • Shodipo Ayomide, Senior Developer Advocate at Fleek HQ - Principles guiding technical articles for
  • Mia Moore, Developer Advocate at IBM - Livestreaming for Technical Content: Twitch, YouTube, and Beyond

July 8

  • Suyash Joshi, Director, Developer Marketing at Oracle - Storytelling for technical speakers
  • Edidiong Asikpo, Software Engineer at Interswitch Group - A guide to speaking at conferences in Africa
  • Nora Navardauskaitė, a geeky opinionated teen - Teens are scared of tech. What you can do about it

June 24

  • Alyss Noland, Senior Developer Advocate at Box - Metrics aren’t your north star
  • Richard Muir, Data Journalist at SlashData -Three perspectives on the success of developer relations
  • Patrick Woods, Co-founder of

June 10

  • Leon Stigter, Product Manager App Toolkit at VMware - Every talk has to be unique, right?
  • Heidi Waterhouse, Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly - Speaker bio: I am having an existential crisis
  • Ciro Continisio, Developer Advocate at Unity Technologies - Building Curiosity: Making feature demos actually interesting

May 27

  • Neringa Young, founder of - How to sell your virtual event?
  • Lerika Mallaeva, founder of DevGAMM - Moving my conference online: do’s and don’ts
  • Robin Moffatt, Senior Developer Advocate at Confluent - I’m not a YouTuber; come and learn how you can not be one too

May 13

  • Laura Silvanavičiūtė, Frontend Software Engineer at Swedbank - How to become a speaker 101
  • Akshat Sharma, Developer Relations & Ecosystem at Tradeling - Public speaking as a developer
  • Veronica Hanus, a programmer and an often speaker - How do I know what I am good to speak about

April 29

  • Felix Kerger, Developer Advocate at King: Building a good API reference with open source tools
  • Lorna Mitchell, Senior Developer Advocate at Nexmo - API documentation with OpenAPI
  • Qian (Chocolate) Lu, Technical Writer at Curity - Encouraging developers to write docs

April 15

  • Hassan Al Kazmi, Artist Advocate at King - How much support should a developer advocate provide
  • Janina Łaszkiewicz, Agile Coach, Community Manager, Founder of - Doing events so developers like them 3000
  • Mostafa Moradian, Developer Advocate at Load Impact - DevRel content strategies with a focus on SEO optimization for developers

Season 2 is in the process of planning now

We’ll continue running bi-weekly meetups with an improved format focused on discussion panels with attendees in the voice-chat.